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PT. Sinar Inti Electrindo Raya was established back in 1979, formerly as a non-limited company, particularly known as SIER, and delivering ranges of electrical panel products and services, from design of electric system and manufacturing to installation, repair, as well as maintenance programs and services. Working together with dedicated and competent employees, as well as having very high spirit of commitment towards our product and services quality, the company grew very rapidly and went from incorporation in 1984 as PT. Sinar Inti Electrindo Raya.

From then onwards, PT SIER, with improved management system and bigger business vision, has pointed out technology as one of the mandatory pillars that should support high-quality-best-price solution to our customer, therefor capital expenditure was invested on world-class-latest-technology machines, tools, and equipments. That course of action had eventually brought up new values on product quality, productivity, and efficiency in the shop floor, and of course increased competitiveness level of our products and services, and put PT SIER as a market leader of electric panel manufacturers in Indonesia.

Until end of 2009, PT. SIER as a group, has incorporation four different companies, so called: PT. SIER, PT. Prima Inti Electrindo Raya, PT. PrimaCon, PT. Laser Metal Mandiri, with totally six active business units in electrical panel design and manufacturing, mechanical/electrical part trading, sheet metal product design and manufacturing, panel enclosure standard box production, mechanical/electrical contractor, and automation system.

As part of our commitment to keep growing and contributing to our nation's economy, and looking at the opportunities laid in the building development potential of metropolitan and cosmopolitan cities of Indonesia, an idea to develop a new business unit working on vertical transportation industry, by means of elevator, escalator, and travellator manufacturing, installation, and service has been seriously addressed in early 2010. A brand name Lemova has been registered as a trademark for the newly established vertical transportation business unit of PT. SIER in May 2010.

Having large experience in sheet metal production, world class production facilities, competent employees, as well as research cooperation with national and international academies and factories, we expect Lemova, in the coming few years, to become a pioneer in local manufacturing of high quality vertical transportation equipment, to serve both national and international needs.

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